July 11, 2017 kjubit2017

Review: Meet-Up AI & Finance

What does Artificial Intelligence and Finance have in common?

How will the future of finance be influenced by Artificial intelligence and what does that all have to do with IBM Watson and students?

This week Kjubit and WUTIS held an event exactly dealing with this kind of matter. For this meet up we were happy to host some experts from the field. Started with a really deep and interesting insight into the world of artificial intelligence, Christian Weichselbaum, Chief Data Scientist at KIVU Technologies, explained how AI developed over the years. Interesting fact here the first to be known artificial intelligence device by Ktesibos of Alexandria (c. 250 B.C.), which was a self controlling machine to regulate the constant flow rate of water to a village.

Following the overview of artificial intelligence by Christian, Franz Dornig, Head of Cognitive Solutions at IBM, explained us the various approaches of IBM towards the topic of artificial intelligence. Not that he explained the approach of IBM towards the topic of AI, Franz Dornig also emphasised IBM’s “cognitive solutions” like IBM Watson and Blue Mix with some hand on examples. Here are some of the interesting examples presented by Franz Dornig:

  • Olli – self driving vehicle powered by IBM Watson (Video)
  • Woodside – Australia’s biggest energy company becomes cognitive (Video)
  • H&R Block – fill your taxes with IBM Watson (Video)

Last but not least, we were also happy to host a team of three ambitious and hard working students. You might know them from our other blog post about the hands on lab at IBM Watson. (read our blog post here) Yes, Sara Söchting, Daniel Huber and Valentyn Boreiko represented Kjubit at the IBM Watson Hands on Lab a few weeks ago. They showed us their hands on example with IBM Blue Mix. Within a few weeks they used IBM Watsons’s capabilities to analyse sentiments in connection with equity analysis. Sounds pretty interesting right? Stay tuned you will hear more about that project the upcoming weeks.

After the various inputs the audience raised some questions, which needed answers. Therefore, our keynote speakers lively engaged with our audience and answered many of the question after their presentations. Not only that many questions were answered also new connections and lively discussion occurred after the official part while enjoying a cold beverage and some snacks! Here are some impressions from the meet up event:

To answer the question raised in the beginning of the blog post – we think artificial intelligence will have or has already an impact on the industry of finance. Seeing all the various aspects during our meet up was interesting and informative.

Have you missed this event? No problem, next weekend June 23 & 24 we have our AI and Finance Hackathon at WU Vienna!

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