October 21, 2017 kjubit2017

Review: IBM Watson Summit 2017

Last Tuesday, the 17th October, we and the winners from our Hackathon with IBM had the opportunity to join the Watson Summit in Vienna. It was a splendid day with a lot of opportunities for both sides.

As the pictures below show, we shared our booth with our friends from “We Are Developers”. During a long day, the two winner teams with NAO and the Bragi Sentiment Analysis from our Hackathon (to read more about it check this post) had the possibility to network with people from various sectors and present their ideas.

Beside having the opportunity to have a platform to meet and network with new people from various fields, our Hackers were able to attend various workshops and keynotes conducted by professionals from the field. A lot of the topics from the keynotes dealt with the topic of artificial intelligence and robotics as well as IBM Watson.

Networking and presenting their ideas to a lot of attendees of the Summit was a big pleasure for all our Hackers. After a long day of presenting their skills and networking we had the opportunity to conclude it with a nice drink at the after show party!

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