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Review: Hackathon IBM x BRAGI

Great ideas and a lot of hacking

Last weekend, IBM hosted our hackathon at their headquarter in Vienna. After completing a successful bootcamp about IBM BlueMix, our hackers were eager to hack some pretty amazing gadgets last weekend.

Starting off, with a short introduction by our hosts Franz Dornig and Thomas Jirku, we headed into a quick introduction to one of the newest gadgets, Bragi Headphones. Jivitesh Ranglani, UX Designer at Bragi, introduced our hackers to the best wireless and intelligent headphones on the market right now, the Dash Pro. Getting some insights and vital information about the capabilities of the Bragi headphones, like motion sensors, activity tracking and more, the hackers were excited to get their hands on the device and in their ears 🙂

Besides, having Bragi headphones, there was also a little friend availabe named NAO. The humanoid and programmable robot, is one of the hottest gadgets on the market, when it comes to robotics. Getting a short introduction from Markus Wals, technical specialist at IBM and robotics about NAO, the team-building phase started.

After exchanging ideas and possible use cases for the various gadgets, the teams slowly formed and the hacking could start. The Kjubits (how we call our hacker teams) hacked all the various gadgets they had at their disposal. Splitting up in various teams we had the following ideas:

Talk to NAO:

One team had the idea to use the voice capabilities of NAO to engage with him in a conversation about the productivity of a donut machine. You probably ask yourself how did they do this? Well during the hackathon they used IBM BlueMix and other software programs to developed a front-and backend to talk to NAO about the productivity of the respective machine. Using the existing data from a donut machine, you were able to engage with him in a conversation about it (the data was provided by one of our hackers). Not only making him talk, they also used D3.js data visualizations to show the corresponding data NAO talked about to visulize on a website! Pretty amazing right 🙂
In addition, to all these amazing features they even made NAO doing some Thai Chi – check out the video!


One Bragi headphone teams focused on possible scenarios for filtering out emotions and contexts of conversations . Using a NLP software (natural-language-processing) they were able to transform rude langugage to a more constructive and less emotional loaded one. So how does that work? Imagine talking to a grumpy person and instead of hearing curse words, the Bragi headphones will use the NLP software to detect the bad words and “translate” them to positive ones!

The Collector:

Besides making the negative parts of a sentence to positive ones, others worked on a sentiment analysis for the Bragi headphones to collect negative, neutral and positive sentences and analyse them with the help of IBM BlueMix. The idea is to train a machine (Bragi headphones) to act as a mediator between complex concepts in a discussion. Sounds great right?

The noise cancelator:

Getting rid of noises you don’t want to hear, was one idea of another team. Using the available features of the Bragi headphones, the team worked on filtering out noises like traffic jam, disturbing noises at a cocktail party and more. So only hearing what you want was the idea behind it.

The winner(s)

After having two funny and productive days at our hackathon, it was time to find the big winner of our hackathon! Attending the hackathon you had the possibility to win tickets for the IBM Watson Summit in Vienna next month. Moreover, we also gave away one pair of Bragi headphones via a draw ceremony to one of our hackers
(The winner can be seen in one of the pictures above, Alex Bretet – congratulations again!)

All the ideas and prototypes of our hackers were so good that it was really hard to find one winner! After long discussions with the jury, we came to the conclusion to name two teams as winners of our hackathon.

The winners were the “Talk to NAO” and “The collector” team. Winning the hackathon both teams have the possibility to join us at the IBM Watson Summit, representing their ideas at our booth!

Meeting people from the industry and getting to know potential business partners is the right platform for our hackers. So stay tuned for more about our hackers and their time at the IBM Watson Summit!

AGAIN also a BIG THANK’S to IBM Österreich and Bragi for supporting our event!

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