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Review: Hackathon AI & Finance

The hacking starts...

Last weekend we hosted our artificial intelligence and finance hackathon at the WU Gründungscenter. Our hackers were working on some amazing ideas. So have you ever heard about ethereum, global macro inflation or Twitter influencer sentiment analysis, no? Well then you should check out the following blog post.

Meet the hackers, mentors and their ideas

During roughly 24 hours many of our hackers (not quite sure what a hackathon is read the following post) were working and spinning around ideas towards artificial intelligence and finance. Some of our attendees already had an idea before coming to our hackathon and others found some partners in crime and were working on some new ideas. Supported from some of our mentors like Andreas Rath, Martin Linkov, Christian Weichselbaum or Klaudius Kalcher the participants found great help and guidance. After the official part and introduction of our mentors was over, the team building and pitching of ideas started.


Finding the right partner

After some intense and dynamic idea spinning our attendees found themselves in their working groups. After some snacks and cold refreshments the hacking slowly started. Some people were working on their idea to develop an ethereum analysis tool (short explanation of ethereum, which is a is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts for more information check out the following link) others worked on a global macro inflation tool to predict certain developments on inflation goods. Moreover, we had a team working on a Twitter influencer analysis tool to predict how certain products from brands are picked up by the community and influencers. Last but not least we also had some other projects ongoing like real time translation of video material – sounds pretty interesting right! Check out some pictures from our hackers right here:

As you can see on the various pictures they were working hard and developed some amazing prototypes. As a little add on for our attendees we organised a short and interactive R workshop held by Claudius Kalcher, Senior Data Analyst at mostly.ai. During roughly 45 minutes they gained some insight into the programming language of R and how it can be used in various circumstances. Although this slot took away some of their precious hacking time, all of our hackers still finished on time. After presenting their prototypes and interacting with the audience in a Q&A session we closed our first hackathon!

All in all, we like to say thanks to our mentors and hackers for some pretty interesting 24 hours and amazing projects, which are still pursued in the future by our hackers – so we keep you posted!

Want to be a hacker or business partner?

Want to be a hacker or business partner?

Are you interested in joining our Kjubit community for one of our next events or think you need a hackathon or meet up for a special topic in your company – please be so kind and contact us we are looking forward hearing from you!

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