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1 What are hackathons? - Welcome to Kjubit! What are hackathons? - Welcome to Kjubit!
Let's talk about Hackathons

First of all, what does it mean?

The term “Hackathon” is a neologism and a combination of the terms “Hacking” and “Marathon”. It originated in the United States brought forward through the tech and academic scene.

Hacking & Marathon

The term hacking can be associated with breaking into a secret database or bank account for all the wrong reasons. In the case of a Hackathon, however, the word means bringing a diverse set of people together for a good reason. Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Developers, Designers and Experts from the Field participate in order to solve challenges and come up with innovative solutions.

The right thing for your industry ? – YES, of course!

Within the previous decades, the amount of data has exploded in almost every industry. Therefore, our hackers will be more than happy to leverage large sets of data to your advantage!

What really happens at our Hackathons?

First, our hackers pitch their ideas and form groups. Once teams are formed, the concept phase kicks-off the hacking. We at Kjubit very much appreciate a clean workflow. Therefore, we barely interrupt the process of hacking. However, we support the hackers with mentors, workshops and other presentations which the hackers can join.

There was something about a marathon?

If possible we like to keep it classical and offer our hackers a 24 hour deadline. That said, the hackers push really hard to deliver a great product (prototype) within 24hours.

"Why we love Hackathons? Easy answer, Hackathons come in different shapes, colours and can be tailored to a core purpose! "
Andreas & Dennis - Founders of Kjubit

What are hackathons?:
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