Being behind the steering wheel matters.

Being on the edge of innovation is what matters most to us. As some technologies make major steps others literally take off and will eventually take us to Mars rather sooner than later. It all starts with data. Within the past decades every single industry has experienced exponential growth in collected data. Whereas for some industries the business case behind their data is evident and already exploited, other industries are still looking for business opportunities that can be driven by their data.

The most innovative companies have already made their data publicly available in order to foster growth and reach for untapped possibilities. Making your data publicly available follows the same concept KJUBIT subscribes to – Crowdsourcing innovation.

Kjubit offers its business partners a platform that attracts the smartest minds to come together and develop innovative solutions. Our platform drives change by hosting Hackathons that address certain topics or even deal with given problem settings. We greatly value diversity at our events since it guarantees for solutions that cannot be established in any isolated team or company.

We as Kjubit are proud to work with such brilliant minds and are looking forward to welcoming you at our next event!

"The world’s biggest problems are also the world’s biggest business opportunities."
Dr. Peter Diamandis