August 29, 2017 kjubit2017

Content Athlete at Kjubit

Want to produce unique content?

Kjubit is a technology driven start-up that offers innovation, education and career opportunities. As our Content Athlete (LEAD) you will be responsible for managing our content stream and content pieces.

  • Manage our event media team
  • Produce video portraits (equipment provided by Kjubit)
  • Write event previews/reviews
  • Strong interest in technology
  • Strong English skills (German skills are not necessary)
  • Experience with content (blog, vlog, photos, etc.)
  • Gain hands-on start-up experience at Kjubit
  • Expand your network in the Austrian technology community
  • Get to know technology start ups
  • Build your personal brand via Kjubit (certificate, recommendation letters, etc.)
  • Free access to all our events (lifetime)

This is an unpaid volunteer position.

Get in touch with us via or +43 (0) 678 1252988