The pillars of Kjubit


Kjubit is the place to be for companies and developers. We bring together both parties and regularly address innovations at our hackathons and meet-ups.


Education is really important to us. During our bootcamps we offer hands-on lectures for different applications to learn from power users and academics in a smart enviroment.


We are the platform to developers and companies to talk about opportunities and create an ambitious partnership together. Let’s shape the future together!


Our Events

We believe our work speaks for itself. But you are probably interested in finding out more about our events, so browse through our different event formats for more information!


Our blog

At Kjubit we like to discover the world of technology and share our insights with you!

Following our blog will help you to stay up to date with our latest events. We regularly publish event previews and reviews in order to keep our community posted about opportunities. Another content category that we at KJUBIT really enjoy are our book reviews. Here you can expect comprehensive and independent views of our editorial team. Of course we are also offering insights on technology!


Our business partners

Get to know the companies and organisations, who trust in our hard work and strong cooperation. We are working close together to achieve our goals! For more information about them click the following link.

  • Kivu

The Team

Kjubit started with a famous WHAT IF - unlike so many “what ifs”, we made it a reality. Ever since we did not look back for a second. Fixing the plane while flying it was our philosophy right from the start.

Operations & Sales Athlete

Andreas Weichselbaum / Co-Founder

Operations & Sales Athlete
Community & IT-Specialist Athlete

Markus Wals

Community & IT-Specialist Athlete
Marketing & Communication Athlete

Dennis Pregesbauer / Co-Founder

Marketing & Communication Athlete
Research Athlete

Johannes Duong

Research Athlete

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